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Every case is important to our clients and every client is important to us.


The Job Injury Attorney & Law Firm is a highly recognized law firm with the depth of legal knowledge to maximize your recovery. The knowledge and experience of our law firm enables us to successfully handle workers' comp claims, big and small. To schedule an absolutely FREE, confidential, no obligation consultation with a worker’s compensation attorney, contact us via email or by phone at (843)556-8000


Worker's Compensation

When hurt on the job, whether you are temporarily or permanently disabled, you deserve compensation from your employer.  If you are having difficulty with insurance companies accepting your claim, Dusty Rhoades can help.

Personal Injury

Should you be injured through no fault of your own, make sure you get proper financial compensation for the damages.  Medical bills can extremely high in this day and age.  You shouldn't bear the cost for someone elses mistake that led to your injury.  Call us for your personal injury claims.

Premise Liability

Premise Liability is a matter of being injured due to faults on a property.  Slippery floors, holes, unmarked saftey areas, and other neglience on maintenance of a property are not responsibilities the injured should be bear.  Contact Dusty Rhoades today with your claims.

Wrongful Death

Did someone you know die in an accident they didn't cause?  Wrongful death from neglience of another person is not a responsibiltiy the victim's family should bear along.  Bring your claim to Dusty Rhoades to insure proper care of final assests and compensation.

Legal Malpractice

Do you think you may have been prevented from receiving proper compensation or unfair fees when dealing with a laywer/attorney?  Dusty Rhoades is extremely experienced in handling Legal Malpractice cases.  If you feel you may be taken advantage of by an attorney, contact us right away.